About us

The Company name Hunan famous Trading Co.,Ltd,we mainly export portland cement, we have own several factories,unique formula and advanced experimental instruments, to make the product significantly longer service life, and products passed certification of CE, SONCAP, SGS, ISO9001. Years of exprot experience to be research and remarkable feats of packaging materials by us, super waterproof, moistureproof, the portland cement products can make stored more than 6 months.

the company has exported portland cement products to Russia, Cameroon, Ghana, Togo, Gabon and so on.

Why Choose Us

why choose us
  • Factory with unparalleled and consistent quality.
  • Prompt & professional response to enquiries.
  • Ideal location of plants worldwide,supplies ensuring with minimum delivery time.
  • Exceptionally high strength which means less quantity produces desired results which makes projects economically more viable & reliable in terms of strenght.
  • Availibility of product in break bulk shipments.
  • Vigilant operations staff ensures timely delivery of products.